When it comes to finding good resources for web design Houston is a great city to be in. Not only is it the fourth largest city in the country, it offers diverse talents for any company that needs an effective presence.

web design houston buildingsMost companies will look for an company who understands good web design. Houston has many freelancers who have studied art in college and can create logos and nice graphics. But is that all that is needed to create a successful site?

Well, it depends on how a company defines success. Most want their website to be a place where customers can find what they are looking for and either contact the company to get it or order it directly online. Their site is a virtual store or lead generation tool. In that case, it is not just a matter of finding someone who has the capability for web design. Houston also has some resources that can help companies to create their site and help it to rank on organic search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Should You choose a Web Design Houston Firm?

Customers look for products and services by typing what is known as keywords into the browser of their favorite search engine. Those keywords relate to what they are looking for. Then the companies who have those keywords integrated into their website will pop up and customers can find the resources they are looking for.

For instance, companies who enter the keywords “web design Houston” may find companies like ACTWD. They are a full service internet marketing company. That means that the company creates websites, but also helps companies to optimize their sites so customers can find them easily. They have a proprietary way of working that includes adding the right amount of meaningful content to each page on the site and making sure those pages rank well in the search engines.

They also work with companies to help convert visitors to their site to convert into leads or sales. So, aside from helping with the initial web design, Houston-based companies will develop marketing strategies that include Public Relations, email campaigns and other multi-media internet platforms that drive people to a site and keep them there until they convert into customers. Because they are local they should have the connections to help with the overall marketing success of the company.

Companies like ACTWD think of internet marketing as one of the most cost efficient means of driving sales. There are no printing costs, and most of the organic methods of marketing distribution can provide brand awareness as well as generating leads and sales. So the cost to acquire is generally a fraction of what other marketing platforms cost.

The nice thing about internet marketing is that it is measurable and can be tracked through analytic tools. Companies can see which pages on their site are driving the most traffic, how long viewers stay on each page, how they navigate from page to page and if they make a purchase. It makes having a website one of the most meaningful ways to understand how customers interact with their company. Changes can be made quickly to impact any changes that need to be made based on customer behavior. All in all, it makes having an internet marketing company as a partner much more valuable than just someone who can make the site look good.