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My Admin email is wrong or goes to a wrong person?

Please check your domain here:

If your domain email address is wrong you will need to contact tech support and give them following items for the domain registrant or admin, if it is the admin listed on the domain. :

  1. you will need to give them a government issued photo idea if you are the admin or
  2. you will need to give them a government issued photo idea and corporate paperwork for the registrant

If you don’t have access to either of these items you will need to call Tech Support for specific instructions related to you. Please note that domain ownership issues are only handled during normal business hours (9-5) US Central Time.

Beth Guide – ACTWD

Owner at ACTWD
Beth Guide, owner of ACTWD, is a leader in Web Design, SEO and Digital Marketing. She is a well known public speaker and technology expert in Houston. She also works with with University of Houston Bauer College of Business, the Houston West Chamber of Commerce, and the Northwest Houston Chamber as well as being a Fox26 correspondent for technology.
Beth Guide - ACTWD


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