Domain changes are similar to changing a deed or title on a property. Because we are required to provide proof of ownership if you do not have access to the admin email on file.

If you do have access to the admin email address you will simply need to complete the top part of the form and check I have access to my admin email address.

If you do not have access you will need to follow the rest of the direction and provide a government issued photo id, such as a drivers license or passport. This is required for both corporate and personal changes.

Additionally corporations are required to show corporate documents that indicate you are eligible to act on behalf of the corporation. These may include articles of incorporation, tax returns, divorce decrees, death certificates. If you are unsure please contact tech support via chat or email

Please make sure for all admin email changes you state the previous email address if you know it. And then list the updated one.

Completion of this form does not guarantee changes will be made. If there is an issue or questions we will reach out so make sure you provide a valid email address.