What Links? Why Links? Where Links?

So if you are looking at link acquisition you probably already know they are still an important factor in search engine rankings.

What Are Links?

Well the difficulty with links these days is that they can not only help, but they can also hurt your site. Not all links are created equal, so finding the right links for your site is a vital aspect of properly acquiring links. If the wrong link acquisition tactics are employed your site will be impacted negatively instead of positively.

Why Links you ask?

Think of links like endorsements of the power of your website. Every time you gain a link it’s an endorsement of your site by other sites on the web. The complicated part these days is that it is important that those endorsements come from sites that are of good quality and in good standing with the search engines, especially Google. Since the early days the web links have been an important factor for ranking well in organic listings. As time moved on, it has become more important that the links pointing to your site are of good quality.

Where Links?

So where do you get these links that are so important? That is the million dollar question everyone wants the answer to. Many different tactics are used to acquire links, as well as keeping in mind that the link profile of your site needs to look natural.

We have been working on link acquisition in all forms since the early days of the web. Our link service is up to date and always improving! This is an ever changing area of SEO, like so many of the other ranking factors, and therefore requires constant adjustment by those that work in this field. We are always researching and attending conferences in order to stay up with the latest so we can offer our clients the best link acquisition service possible.