Web Design and Web Hosting firms have a bad habit of being here today gone tomorrow. Here at ACTWD, we are entering our 10th year of serving the internet community. The secret to our longevity is knowing how to treat customers right. We don't go for gimmicks, misleading pricing with buried hidden fees. We believe in offering a quality product and treat your business as if it were our own. 

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Whether you are looking for Web Hosting, Web Design, Ecommerce Solutions or Search Engine Optimization, ACTWD has a long history of successfully addressing each of our customers names. Over the last 10 years we helped them grow their websites and their businesses it to extremely successful entities.

In addition we have now developed our own web-based Content Management and E-commerce Hosting solution. We have a long history of search engine success, content writing, and Search Engine Optimization and have been a leader in this area for 10 years. We've take this knowledge and bundled it to insure each web sites success. We have some of the top SEO specialists help us develop this software and we do something others don't, make an appealing website that WILL succeed with Google, Yahoo and MSN making your website easily found and a major revenue generator for your business.

We also have several experts that work here with us that will work with you to maximize your website using this tool. We will empower you to work from a DIY model or manage it for you. Either way we know the software alone will push this right to the top. Call and ask how we can help your business.

As we've watched our competitors be bought out or go out of business, we've continue to grow. We have helped our customers build successful websites and in some cases successful businesses which started from their website. And we've helped customers who have had their host or designer vanish.

Our experience with e-commerce and search engine marketing programs is second to none. With many design firms they do not understand how to build  a website that will be a success on search engines. And they will start talking about pay per click campaigns. We understand how to make you rank on terms naturally and still have nice looking website.  In many cases  We have sites we've built and guided that started with less than 100 people per month that are now seeing unique visitors in excess of a half a million per month.

If you are big or small and interested in building a successful website we hope you will give us a call to see how we can help your business today.

For web hosting we are much different and principled than many of our competitors. We are here to provide just web hosting. We are not a front for other activities such as down line marketing.  We do not sell our customers information. Most of all  we employ people here in the United States and do not outsource our support or our services. We own all of our Dell Servers and we are not a front or a reseller of another web hosting provider. We also keep a clean IP pool so our customers are not penalized by the search engines for such. We think this is very important and will turn away those who are spammers, or participate in black-hat-type techniques. We also understand that a majority of our customers rely on their websites for their income. We work to make sure the sites are down and it is as fast as can be. We don't cut the site for too much traffic in one day, have backup systems  and run multiple drive systems to insure there is no data loss, treating each website as if its our own.

For our hosting customers, we often act as their IT department and answer questions that don't exactly pertain to us or our hosting. We go the extra mile to help find answers if its not something we are familiar with. Our customers are always the first to tell you about us because of how different there experience is here with us. You can review what our customers say on our testimonials page.

We are proud to have customers all over the country for both design and hosting.